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“Just as the Sun gives light to the Earth….

A Candle gives light to the Spiritual World...” @gogonoma

Thokozani MaAfrica, Camagwini, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndawe, Greetings to all.

In the olden days sitting around the fire in the evening was the most important time of the day, both for the old and the young. The younger generation would ask their questions and the older generation would share their knowledge and wisdom, usually through storytelling.

Solutions for problems and ideas for a better tomorrow came out of these meetings. Our forefathers knew that fire was life and with it, it brings light and carry the Spirit of those who passed on. In these meetings Spirit could guide and the wisdom of their forefathers was the guidance that helped them defeat life challenges.

A candle lit, is a “location-drop-pin” to signal your Ancestors, your Spirit Guides and Divinity of the meeting you have called. Be it Ukupahla – communicating with your Ancestors – or meditation or prayer.

Colour is often described as the physical manifestation of vibrational energies that are around us, within us, below us and above us. These vibrational energies influence the way we look at the world. Colours are influenced by Planetary energies, Solar energies and the Lunar energies. Each colour is also influenced or associated with one or more of the four elements, i.e., Water, Air, Fire and/or Earth.

In the Videos below I explain each colour candle and give more insight on the when, the why and the how in using these different coloured candles. Find out the Chakra associated with the candle, the day of the week, the rituals to be performed and much, much more……

Spirit inspired me to have a candle week in the classroom, check out what took place.

Learning with Noma is your comprehensive online class, changing our lives one lesson at a time.

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The most commonly used candle. Can be used in the absence of any colour as a substitute. Watch the video to learn more…

The brightest of them all, used mostly in rituals for money, material goods and communication, from Physical to Spiritual communications and connections. Watch the video to learn more…

Live Stream on IGTV; The White and Yellow Candle

Red is a colour of intense emotions, high physical energies and will power. Red for Love or is it... Red for Danger!!!

Orange is a colour combination of Red and Yellow. So are we taking action - red or are we thinking about it – yellow; watch the video to find out…

Is the Blue Candle bringing us Blue Mondays with all the different shades it carries, or is it peaceful as the blue sky and calming as still blue waters.

Is the bill higher with the manifestations of the Green Candle, or is the Green candle a season to stay calm and watch as the seeds planted become trees that bear fruits. Watch the video and teach others…

Pink for the innocent little girl or for the new romance between two love birds. Purple encourages us to connected with our inner self, find truth and understand we are Royalty. Watch the video and walk tall…

Brown is known as a dull colour, is it really? Black, Gogo are you serious? The evil Black, or is it? Check out the lesson and learn the healing powers found in these misunderstood colours…

Thank you for choosing to walk this journey with me.

Your presence and support is highly appreciated.

Disclaimer: The information shared in this classroom is experiences from my own journey and practices in my own space. In Spirit there is NO either/or but it is either/and..... Thokozani

Gogo Noma is based in Johannesburg South and consult per booking. For more information or to ask a question, or to share knowledge/your story send me an email, I love to hearing form you.

Lesedi Badimo Child...

My name is Noma, and this is Learning with Noma.

Thank you for joining the classroom...….

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