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My Health…My Well-Being

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”


Thokozani MaAfrica, Camagwini, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndawe, Greetings to all.

I have nursed in Western medicine. I have gone through Anatomy and Physiology, understanding how the human body functions.

Sometimes when life turns you on a path you never even considered, you ask the universe, Why me? Why now? Then the future greets 5 -10 years later and says to you, it was a preparation phase not your destination.

I am a Registered Nurse Educator by profession, and when I understood and accepted that I have an Ancestral calling, I did not know how the two worlds were going to meet. I actually thought I was going to have to choose one and leave the other, little did I know I was going to be the best version of myself yet.

I love education, I love understand how it works, why it works and how can we improve it. In Western medicine we deal with pathophysiology of the disease and we cure, while on the other side I am dealing with African healing. As a Spiritualist, I do ask how it happened, I enquire why it happened, it is so much more than signs and symptoms or physical manifestations.

In this category I wish for us to understand the Physical being, the Mental being and the Social being, finding out how the health of these three contribute to the health of our Spiritual being. My aim is to try simplify healthy living and make it a practical everyday exercise.

The aim is to share knowledge, simplify health and show you how healthy living has always been at the center of our communities as Africans.

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Thank you for choosing to walk this journey with me.

My name is Noma, and this is Learning with Noma.

Welcome to the classroom…...

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