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"Dreams are one of the many ways the Spirit realm communicates to the Physical world... definitely not the only channel but the most commonly used. " @Gogo_Noma

Thokoza Badimo Child, Camagu, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndauwe. Greetings to you and your Entourage.

If you are new to the classroom, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back. Learning with Noma is Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

Dreams are at the core of my calling. I remember a time when I dreamed almost every night and wrote 2 to 3 pages every morning, sometimes multiple dreams in one night or just one very long "movie". I learned the importance of dreams very early in my life, and I will forever be grateful to my maternal Grandmother. Daily she would ask, "O lorileng?" (What did you dream about?). She started explaining or defining the concept 'toro' (dream) very early in my life.

As I grew older, writing was the easiest way to express myself. I did not write my dreams, but I started writing poems and drama scripts and monologues. Only after matric when I "formally" met my first Spiritual Mother did Dream Journaling start. I say "formally" because I have known her all my life from church, but little did I know about her life outside of church. Entering into her yard for the first time in August 2008, the journey ya Boprofeta/Isithunywa/Prophet became an understood reality. In this journey I was going to learn a lot, but mostly I was going to understand myself and my dreams. This is a story for another day. Today I just need help you understand that for me Dream Journaling shaped the healer that I am today.

To learn about the Importance of Dream Journaling and more about how it shaped me as a healer, watch the Lesson below. Do not forget to Subscribe😇 .

For the answer to the most commonly asked question, "Gogo, why do I forget my dreams?". Please watch the Lesson below and find guidance on how to recall your dreams. Dream Journaling being one of the tips I share.

Dreams interpretation is a very big part of my practice. As I always say, we are forever connected to our guides, and I believe as mediums in Spirit, we are called to help in the alignment process. One of the ways to help one align better is through dream interpretation. Once you understand the message sent to you, the more effective the communication between you and your guides will be. Dream interpreters are gifted and called. Dream interpretation is not for everyone, yes, not all Sangomas/Prophets are dream interpreters and not all Dream Interpreters need to Thwasa. It is a gift in its own right. A lesson will be given soon about different gifts in Spirit, for example, Drum beaters, or even Singers in Spirit.

For FREE dream interpretation visit my TikTok page. For Private Dream interpretation WhatsApp "Dream Interpretation" to +27799108841 and wait for instructions.

Thank you for being with me on another lesson.

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Click on the links above, follow and subscribe to the classroom. It is free Education... No School Fees. There is a lot of content already available for you to learn and grow, so do not forget to hit the LIKE button when you find something that resonates with you, leave a comment, and share your views. I appreciate all the encouraging messages and questions I receive in the comment sections. Where applicable, leave the notification BELL 🔔 ON and don't miss out on any new content or Lives. SHARE the lessons; in this classroom, a lesson learned should be a lesson shared.

I am Gogo Noma and this is Learning with Noma; Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

See you on the next blog Badimo Child. Thank you for the love and continuous support.

Let's learn Together.... Let's Grow Together.

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