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"When a Baby is
So is a Mother"

Thokoza Badimo Child, Camagu, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndauwe. Greetings to you and your Entourage.

If you are new to the classroom, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back. Learning with Noma is Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

My Spiritual Journey has taught me the importance of taking timeout when entering into a new role, being a Twasa, a Gobela, a Healer in general, for there are different layers to me as a healer, some still to be discovered.

I repeatedly said these words to many different woman over the past years as a Midwife, and today I look in the mirror and give self that same advise. "When a baby 👶 is born, so is a Mother👩‍🍼. Pregnancy has 4 trimester, and the 4th one, mostly unrecognized by many, requires taking time out and allowing yourself to adjust to the new world; physically, emotionally, psychologically, Spiritually and financially. Take as much time out as you possibly can.'

Postpartum period is a trimester on its own, hence culturally, we keep mother and baby under 'lock and key' for 3-months before we get the rest of the world involved.

I will be sharing my journey 🤰 through all platforms soon, and hope from my experiences you will learn to embrace and share yours, whether present or past, even the future ones 😉 😊.

For now, I am taking time out. I can only be the best version 💯 of me as a Mother if I allow myself to adjust and adapt 😇🥰.

The old soul in me did not agree to a baby-shower, and now I am getting lashed, with love 🥰, "Gogo, we want to gift the baby. How do we do it?" I heard you Royals and I am busy creating a gifting page for the Prince 😇.


All consultations, cleansings and rituals are closed, I will be back January 2023. The exact date of my return will be announced right here and on all my social platforms by the 3rd of January 2023.

Private Dream Interpretation is still available. Simply WhatsApp Dream Interpretation and follow instructions.

Packages available for ordering: Alignment, Car Protection, Home Protection and Self-Love.

For more information regarding packages send a WhatsApp message to +27799108841 and follow instructions.

I will be sharing my pregnancy journey with you on YouTube from week 6 to delivery and post-partum. The journey will be in 2 view points, the Midwife and the Primigravida - new mother. It was a beautiful journey that truly helped me understand why my lecturer would keep saying to us, 'Midwifery is a closed book. No two pregnancies and deliveries are the same.'

I hope that you will not only learn from my story as I share my diary with you, but hope you will also share your story. Those who are entering into the journey, hope it will give the necessary support and help navigate your way in this beautiful journey. Everything shared is purely from my own journey, and can in no way be the whole truth. I hope to hear your story and let us help and support each other through sharing. The journey is of pregnancy but each mother's is unique.

The online classroom is free on all social media platforms:

Instagram and Facebook: Announcements, inspiration quotes, moments captured on camera, Lives etc.

TikTok: Dream Interpretation, Live Sessions (Q&A, Teachings, etc.)

YouTube: Comprehensive Teachings (Spirituality, Health, Finance, etc.)

Blog Website (here): Written Lessons are shared

Click on the links above, follow and subscribe to the classroom. It is free Education... No School Fees. There is a lot of content already available for you to learn and grow, so do not forget to hit the LIKE button when you find something that resonates with you, leave a comment, and share your views. I appreciate all the encouraging messages and questions I receive in the comment sections. Where applicable, leave the notification BELL 🔔 ON and don't miss out on any new content or Lives. SHARE the lessons; in this classroom, a lesson learned should be a lesson shared.

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy festive season filled with peace, love and light 😇🕯️🕯️🕯️🙇🏼‍♀️👏👏

I am Gogo Noma and this is Learning with Noma; Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

See you on the next blog Badimo Child. Thank you for the love and continuous support.

Learning Together...…👩🏼‍🏫

Growing Together...….😇

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