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"A Mother is a son's first true love. A Son, especially that first one, is a Mother's last true love."
Denzel Washington

Thokoza Badimo Child, Camagu, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndauwe. Greetings to you and your Entourage.

If you are new to the classroom, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back. Learning with Noma is Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

Let me start by saying Thank you, Thank you for all the good wishes and the endless checking up on me. I know how I am appreciated through actions seen, not just words said. I know many where surprised when I refused to host a Baby-Shower, but the old soul in me did not agree to it. Is there anything wrong with having a baby-shower? Not really. Why did I choose not to have it? A topic for another day soon. I will cover it under the theme; My Pregnancy Journey, loading for 2023.

It's a BOY 🥰😊, and he fits my perfect so well. I heard you family and I went and did the "homework" and below is a guide on how you can say; "Welcome to the world baby boy".

Who can gift?

  • You and everyone😇

How do I gift?

NB: Send gift notification to +27 79 910 8841

If you wish to follow your own idea and gift us in a way not mentioned above, do not fear Badimo child, communicate with me via WhatsApp and let us see what can be done. WhatsApp the words "Baby Gifting" and we will chat, NO Calls please.

I am well and he is growing big and smart daily. We want to see him Gogo 🙈🥰😍!

I know family, but like everything else, all in good time.

Thank you in advance for the messages and gifts coming our way. I will say it again, I know I am appreciated not through words but actions 😇. I am forever humbled.

I will be back in the classroom for teachings mid-January and back in the practice for consultations and healing early January. Click links below, follow, subscribe and stay updated on my whereabouts.

The online classroom is free on all social media platforms:

Instagram and Facebook: Announcements, inspiration quotes, moments captured on camera, Lives etc.

TikTok: Dream Interpretation, Live Sessions (Q&A, Teachings, etc.)

YouTube: Comprehensive Teachings (Spirituality, Health, Finance, etc.)

Blog Website (here): Written Lessons are shared

Let Love, Peace and Light fill your days and have

Wonderful Festive season.

I will see you in 2023.

I am Gogo Noma and this is Learning with Noma; Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

See you on the next blog Badimo Child. Thank you for the love and continuous support.

Learning Together...…👩🏼‍🏫

Growing Together...….😇

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