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A Place to belong

Thokozani Royals

First year of high school, we all have a story. I had struggled with belonging a few years leading to high school. I was in the crowd but never part of the crowd. I always had an adult opinion about things, and yep, I was seen as the "teacher's pet".

Journaling and writing in general became my safe zone. On pages I poured my thoughts and wrote my dreams. When I got to high school, I was introduced to drama and poetry. For me that was my space, the missing puzzle.

My first "poem",

A Place to belong

Written: 2004

Age: 14 years

Be what you want to be

Not what other people want you to be

Nor what you were told to be

Believe in who you are

Not what you used to be

Nor what other people see you as

You are who you are

Not what you used to be

Nor what they say you are going to be

Be proud of thee

Live your life to the fullest

This ain't a race

But a journey to be savoured each step of the way

In life, a place to belong is within self

Be comfortable in your own skin

The End

Looking back and reading it, I still repeat the same words to my adult self (just maybe with a little grammar upgrade 😏😇😅). Adulting is not easy, and half the time I do not know if I am coming or going, but I am here and this is the only present I will ever have, so I make the most of it.

A place to belong is no longer separate from self, a physical space nor validation from another. I found it, and continue to find it within.

I am Gogo_Noma and this is was my throwback Thursday.

Welcome to Learning with Noma: Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing

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Until next time, stay in the Light Badimo Child.

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