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"Once you hear your Ancestors voice, you will never want to go back. Trust me... I am living proof."

Thokoza Badimo Child, Camagu, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndauwe. Greetings to you and your Entourage.

If you are new to the classroom, Welcome! If you are returning, Welcome back. Learning with Noma is Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

Today I was inspired to come and share some history behind the classroom. Firstly, it is Learning with Noma because we are learning together. The more I share with you the more I grow. Your questions and stories help unlock the vast wisdom carried in me through my Ancestors and your Ancestors. Every time we interact a new lesson is learned and change is evitable.

Learning with Noma was founded in 2020, after I resigned from my job as a Professional Nursing Educator and I entered into the unknown. When Dlozi told me to let go and to come serve the Dlozi way, I felt that I was not ready, but I have truly come to experience that Dlozi timing is perfect timing. Five years after intwanso and just above 10 years as a trained and practicing Prophet, I knew deep inside of me that the time was right. A story for another day soon, today let me share a bit of background about the classroom.

Learning with Noma: The Institute of Indigenous Knowledge System PTY(Ltd) is a registered practice founded by me, Gogo Noma, a trained and registered Traditional Health Practitioner who is also a qualified and registered Nurse in General, Community and Psychiatric Nursing Science, and Midwifery. I hold a Degree in Nursing Education and Administration and a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health.

Online; it is a comprehensive classroom for learning and healing.

Physically; it is healing practice striving to integrate the Indigenous ways of healing with modern or western methods of healing. Endubeni I, Gogo Noma work hand in hand with Sr Noma. The knowledge gained through formal studies is enhanced and uplifted by the wisdom carried in me through my Ancestors to provide holistic healing to my patients.

Learning with Noma aims to simplify learning in all spheres of life. I wish to educate about health in the most apprehensive and practical ways possible. That is, Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional, and Social health. I go into history to understand why it was done that way and I enter into the present to understand why it needs to change to adapt to today. One thing I have learned from history is that our Ancestors were adaptive in their nature and that confirms daily to me, I was born for such a time as this. I am not here to change the blue print but to ensure continuity and relevance.

In this classroom I aim for a non-discriminating environment. We learn and grow together, showing each other respect while we provide guidance to one another in this healing journey. Staying true to our authentic self while embracing the diversity of the community in which we exist, above all striving daily for Continuous self-development. You listen to everyone with the desire to understand and not judge, taking what resonates with you and respecting that which resonates with another.

The online classroom is free on all social media platforms:

Instagram and Facebook: Announcements, inspiration quotes, moments captured on camera, Lives etc.

TikTok: Dream Interpretation, Live Sessions (Q&A, Teachings, etc.)

YouTube: Comprehensive Teachings (Spirituality, Health, Finance, etc.)

Blog Website: Written Lessons are shared

Click on the links above, follow and subscribe to the classroom. It is free Education... No School Fees. There is a lot of content already available for you to learn and grow, so do not forget to hit the LIKE button when you find something that resonates with you, leave a comment, and share your views. I appreciate all the encouraging messages and questions I receive in the comment sections. Where applicable, leave the notification BELL 🔔 ON and don't miss out on any new content. SHARE the lessons; in this classroom, a lesson learned should be a lesson shared.

For private consultations at the practice simply click here to book online or send a enquire about other services on WhatsApp, +27799108841 NO CALLS.

NB: Please do not send me your history, I do not read history giving messages. If you wish to book for a consultation, simply book.

I am here today to do it the way my Entourage called me to do it, naturally and effortlessly.

Gift: "The thing you do the absolute BEST with the LEAST amount of effort."
Steve Harvey

I am Gogo Noma and this is Learning with Noma; Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

See you on the next blog Badimo Child. Thank you for the love and continuous support.

Let's learn Together.... Let's Grow Together.


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