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The beginning of forever...

Greetings Royalty, yes, if you are here reading this, believe this is confirmation of your Royalness 👑. Welcome to classroom, I am Noma, best known as Gogo Noma, the founder and facilitating educator of the classroom. I use the word “facilitating” because in this classroom we are learning together. I am here to share with you my experiences hoping that you will be encouraged to do the same for me by sharing your experiences Learning with Noma is an online comprehensive classroom aimed at changing our lives one lesson at a time. It is Comprehensive because all topics around the themes of healing and encouraging of growth are covered. The teachings are mostly Spiritual in nature, but the aim is to expand to topics around Health, Finance and Life in general.

I know that we are all unique individuals, and we each learn differently. With that in mind, I have created the classroom in a way which aims to serve all types of learners, that is the whole VARK package: Visual, Auditory, Reading and Writing, and Kinaesthetic. In this classroom we learn together, we grow together.

The classroom had to get a revamp in order for it to help serve the purpose for which it was created. The growth that I have seen across all my platforms in the past year is humbling, and I thank each of you for walking this path with me and supporting me. As I celebrate one year of the classroom on different platforms, I felt necessary for me to bring structure and stability for all the students-you- who have shown unconditional and continuous support of me and my vision.

Over the next few months, I will be unpacking this journey and the story of how we got here. Please note I will always use “we” as the classroom is not my own but a vision of my Ancestors, supported by my Guides, manifesting through me. It is always me and Them, in all lessons and teachings.

The relaunch brings a new road map, a promise of consistency, more visibility and frequent learning sessions.

There is a lot still to come and over the next few weeks, the curriculum layout will be explained in detailed. Make sure to click links below as each platform will offer a different learning experience.

Instagram and Facebook: Announcements, inspiration quotes, moments captured on camera, etc.

TikTok: Dream Interpretation, Live Session (Q&A, Teachings, etc.)

YouTube: Comprehensive Teachings (Spirituality, Health, Finance, etc.)

Blog Website: Written Lessons

Click on the links above, follow and subscribe to the classroom. It is free Education... No School Fees. There is a lot of content already available for your learning, so do not forget to hit the LIKE button when you find something that resonates with you, leave a comment, and share your views, I appreciate all the encouraging messages I receive. Where applicable, leave the notification BELL 🔔 on so that you don’t miss out on new content. SHARE the lessons; in this classroom, a lesson learned should be a lesson shared.

Let’s Learn Together... Let’s Grow Together

This is the beginning of Forever

I am Gogo Noma, and this is learning with Noma.

Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing.

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