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BODY MASS INDEX: How much weight can your body handle?

"Growing up has taught me that wealth is not measured in kilograms."


Thokozani MaAfrica, Camagwini, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndawe, Greetings to all.

A lot of products are in the market now, a lot of programs have been developed and a lot of money is spent every day because “YES” is the answer to the big question; Do you want/need to lose weight fast?

How do you know if you need to lose weight? How do you know that your target is a healthy number? Every person who has tried a weight program has come across the word BMI – Body Mass Index. If it is your first time hearing the word, do not stress that is why you are here after all, to discover new knowledge. If this is not your first time, take a moment and try to recall what you know about BMI.

Okay, let’s unpack and let’s learn. Body Mass Index simply explained is your weight in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters, i.e.;

BMI = weight(kg) / [height(m)]2

Example: BMI = 65kg / (1.7m)2

BMI = 22.5 kg/m2

Note: The square simply means metres x metres, so in the example above it will be 1.7 x 1.7 which will equal 2.89.

BMI, for adults older than 20 years, is interpreted under these categories known as the Standard Weight Status Categories:

We all desire to be in the Normal or Healthy weight category. Being underweight has its own risks. People who are underweight tend to be have an increased risk of mortality (the likelihood to die), due to nutritional deficiencies which may result from unbalanced diet, or insufficient food intake.

Having a BMI result in the Overweight or Obese category means your body weight is above the normal or healthy weight. Unfortunately, obesity is growing and becoming more common in children. The risks involved are way more fatal and the life it brings is one that accompanies a lot of diseases and illnesses, the one that we currently facing an increase in is Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, especially in younger children, better described in our neighbourhoods as “the silent killer”.

Please note the following regarding BMI:

- Inexpensive and easy screening method

- Does NOT measure body fat directly

- Does NOT determine the health of an individual

- For children and teens different Standard Weight Status Categories are used

BMI is the simplest way to determine if you really need to do something about your weight. A big body for me might be normal weight for you, find out now by simply calculating your BMI.

Gone are the days when a person’s success is determined by the fat on their bones, what is the point of losing your health for the sake of an idea that has no truth in it. Look at all the millionaires in this life, taking Ntate Patrice Motsepe and Ntate Sisa Ngebulana as my examples. I don’t know about you, I choose health.

Start small, start today, choose life, choose health…

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Thank you for choosing to walk this journey with me.

My name is Noma, and this is Learning with Noma

Welcome to the classroom…..

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