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DITAOLA - Divination Bones for a Sangoma

"Ditaola.... Badimo given tools to aid me in diagnosing and treating those who are having Spiritual dis-eases often manifesting as physical ailments and/or life problems" @gogo_noma

Thokoza Badimo Child, Camagu, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndau wee, Greetings to you and your entourage.

If you are new to the classroom, Welcome! Learning with Noma is Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing. We are changing our lives one lesson at a time.

In this brief lesson I will be sharing some insight on Ditaola.

Divination bones, ditaola tsa Badimo, intlolo or amathambo, are part of the tools used by African Traditional Healers to diagnose and plan treatment for patients, through the guidance of Ancestors. Each healer will have a different set of the bones as guided and chosen by their Guides. The bag might be unique to the healer or the institute from which they trained. Others might inherit the actual 'Skhwama' from their Grandparents or Great-Grandparents, if it is available and kept safe by the family.

Skhwama directly translated means a "bag". In ubungoma skhwama refers to the particular bag in which the bones are kept. It is usually made from an animal skin such as a cow or a goat.

During a typical consultation, the Sangoma will shake the bag and traditionally the patient will blow into the bag, but due to COVID and conduction of online consultations most of us have started to refrain from this method and are discovering alternative ways to summon Ancestors. In ndumba's (Ancestral Hut) where this is still practice, you will find that after and/or before each consultation the bag is smudged with Imphepho smoke. After the blowing, the bag is shaken and the bones are thrown on the ground, either on an animal skin or a grass mat, and the reading is done.

You will be asked to say your name and surnames, both paternal and maternal, including your marital surname if applicable. The Sangoma will also recite their own clan names before or after throwing the bones and then start with the consultation. Different processes are followed at different practices, please do not compare. The consultation or Divination method can be done for anyone, there are no restrictions.

Read until the end to find out how you can book a reading with me, Gogo Noma, both Face to Face and virtually and visit the classroom on YouTube to watch the full lesson on Ditaola.

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Disclaimer: The information shared in this classroom are experiences from my own journey and practices in my own space. In Spirit there is NO either/or but it is either/and... Thokozani

I am is based in Johannesburg South (behind Steeldale Mall). Consultations are done strictly per booking, both face to face and virtually, Tuesday to Sunday. For more information WhatsApp "Thokoza Gogo" to +27799108841 and follow instructions or click here to book online.

Thank you for choosing to walking this journey with me.

Let’s Learn Together... Let’s Grow Together

This is the beginning of Forever.... Ukuthwasa akupheli

I am Gogo_Noma, and this is Learning with Noma.

Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing: We are Changing Our Lives One Lesson at a Time.

See you soon!

Lesedi Badimo Child 🕯🙇🏼‍♀️👏👏

Do not forget to watch the full lessons on YouTube: Ditaola... Divination Bones for a Sangoma

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