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UKUHLOLA -The Spiritual Consultation

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

"I am a Spiritual Being first, before I enter into my Physical Being.... I will be a Spiritual Being last, after I leave my Physical Being..."

Thokozani MaAfrica, Camagwini, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndawe, Greetings to all.

Ukuhlola - The Spiritual Consultation, done by a lot understood by a few. First line of contact, in Health Care, for more than 80% of South Africans is Nduba ka Gogo or Mkhulu.

Whether its a sick child, a pregnant woman or just a stomach bug, we trust our Traditional Health Practitioners (THPs) to not only heal us but help us align with our Spiritual beings. One does not only get out of the Ndumba understanding What is wrong, but Why it is wrong, and How it can be corrected. Dis-ease means one is not at ease with themselves, their environment and/or the other social beings that help them to be - Ubuntu principles - I am because You are.

In this video we explore Ukuhlola - The Spiritual Consultations. We answer questions that include;

- What is Ukuhlola?

- Why must one go for such consultation?

- How to prepare Physically, Mentally and Spiritually?

- What to expect and most importantly, what not to expect?

- Myths are clarified and so much more.....

This is Learning with Noma, your online comprehensive classroom.... We are changing our lives one lesson at time.

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My name is Noma, and this is Learning with Noma.


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