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TEACHING MYSELF HOW TO FISH: The money in my purse must not stay, it must grow……🤞🤞

“Money isn’t


But everything needs money.”


Thokozani MaAfrica, Camagwini, Thobela, Lesedi, Ndawe, Greetings to all.

Let me start by saying I am no expect, but I am here doing this because I am ready to learn. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for you, I do not know how to hide information. When I have learned or rather, when I am learning I experience a very strong urge to share. Hence the reason I am here today, typing away on these blank pages and sharing with you this content.

Finance is a subject on its own. One that deserves to be taught at school, and not only end there but have assessments done. I am not blaming anyone for anything, I am just making a suggestion.

As a young child, I literally lived my days understanding… “give us this day our daily bread….” I never thought about tomorrow, when I had or should I say when I have R1 its for today, tomorrow will worry about tomorrow. I was given just enough money for today, with the promise that the same amount will be provided for tomorrow. My mom could only do so much.

Please join me as I learn not only to define financial terms, but to simplify them and find out how to apply them. Like I said I am no expert, so I will invite some friends now and then to help me educate, I will refer you to helpful websites and even books to read. All I am doing is creating an opportunity for us to learn together.

Activities loaded are not going to have a mark allocated to them, only an overall evaluation. The aim is not to reach 100% the aim is to understand and be able to apply to our everyday lives. So, the number of times you do one activity depends entirely on you, some will be more relevant to your circumstances than others.

Tools to help you will be uploaded on the site for you to use and master the skill needed. Some tools will be available for you to also download and use on your device.

Financial empowerment has to start with financial education.

In a few days the first of many lessons will be loaded. In this first engagement I would like for us to start with terminology. Yes, terms that we see and hear everyday that makes little or no sense to us. Some I thought I understood well, very well, only to find that I was not even close.

Hope this is a journey we will walk together. This is not going to be your typical money-talks, financial blog. Here we are going to be as lay man as it can be, I am no expert. All those with financial education background, don’t be shy to comment, add, clarify and teach in the comment section below.

The conversations will also continue on social media platforms, so please click the links and follow the classroom on Facebook and Instagram.

Videos on various topics about life can also be found on the YouTube channel, click link, subscribe and never miss out on anything. Please subscribe to the channel its FREE. Some might ask why are you telling us we know, but for me for the longest time I never wanted to hit the YouTube “subscribe” button. If it is a subscription there is a subscription fee, until someone explained to me how it works. And it is times like this I understand that there is no stupid question. Just because you know and understand, doesn’t mean the next person does. Common knowledge to you is new information to someone, somewhere.

You can also communicate with me via email

Thank you for choosing to walk this journey with me.

My name is Noma, and this Learning with Noma.

Welcome to the classroom…….

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