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Who is Spirit???

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

"Spiritual process is not about chanting Mantras or closing your eyes, Spiritual process is essentially about enhancing your perception"

I remember growing up in a household where my grandparents were elders of the Apostolic Zion Church. On Sundays, you knew it was church time, no discussions. I went to Sunday School and learned all my verses, yet there was still something missing inside of me. You see, Religion sustained me until Spirituality claimed its rightful place. I am too complex for religion and to diverse to belong to one structure.

Spirit who are you? Shapeless and ever present. Moving in the present with ancient wisdom and never ending light.

I have always understood that the body is just a house, and that the next breath might be my last. Never did I think I would have my last breath and still live to tell the tail, over and over again. We will explore more on this when we discuss Ndau Spirits and ukuFemba in the posts to follow.

After my matric year, I knew for sure I was not walking alone, or should I say I was not housing this body alone. The sad part was I could not freely express the feelings because then the elders of the church would have been called to pray for me to get rid of the demons that possessed "my body". Yet the same people were preaching that the body is just a house accommodating the Spirit. So I asked myself, who are we to decide how many rooms are in this house - the body?

Spirit who are you? I live beyond the boundaries of the body and I never forget where I was.

In the African culture when a woman is pregnant, the chosen Elders of the family will inquire from AmaThonga (The Ancestors) through the process ya ho Pahla, who is descending, and that is how a child would receive a name. Gender not considered, a name was given under the guidance of the Ancestors.

Then when you meet a girl named Thabang, you say that is a male's name. A gentle reminder, my Creator has no gender, and knows no limits. The spirit will come back into the physical realm in a form that will serve the purpose of this lifetime. The Spirit will occupy the house (body) that is structured for the storms of this generation.

Spirit who are you? I am the wisdom of the ancient and the light unto the path of the young.

When I had to accept my calling and move out of the boundaries of religion and walk into a world with no limits, I cried almost everyday. I prayed and asked God what is it that I have done to deserve such punishment at a young age. Little did I know I was about to receive the biggest blessing of my life.

Today I speak with you not from my own knowledge, but I share with you the wisdom of those who have walked a million miles ahead of me. Today I am able to look back and see the past, look here and see the present, look there and see tomorrow. All because I have allowed the Spirits of my forefathers to guide me.

In an earlier paragraph I mentioned that I never thought I will take my last breath over and over again, and still live to tell the tail. That is what being a Spiritualist means to me. Being able to call Umkhulu and excuse myself to allow Spirit to be accommodated by the body. Understanding that the body of Nkgono is buried, but still her Spirit lives on and still carries the wealth of wisdom she acquired many years ago, wisdom that is still needed today.

I say again, Spirit does not forget where it comes from. Every time I hear how everything is explained to the detail through Spirit, I know that Spirit is shapeless and it can be any form necessary.

To me Spirit is the reason why I am here. Spirit shaped of my past to ensure the present is not overwhelming for me. Spirit prepared a place for me by ensuring this body has enough room to accommodate more than just one life. Spirit lives in me and not outside of me. The voice of wisdom is found in me through Spirit.

Spirituality is a lifestyle, not a religion that I visit one day of the week. Spirituality means listening to those I walk with and allowing them a voice when the time warrants ancient wisdom and healing.

Spirits talk among each other without the need to open my mouth. Spirits hear each other without the need of sound to my eardrum. Spirit share knowledge without books written with fading ink. Spirit never forgets for it carries no brain. Spirit never gets sick, but is forever finding ways to heal the body, just the same as we are forever renovating our houses.

Again, you ask, who is Spirit? I tell you today, You are Spirit. You have to find your reason for descending, you have to fulfill the purpose. A body cannot go to waste for a whole generation. You are the Spirit. Ask yourself this question, Why am I occupying this body?

Leave a comment below and follow the conversation on Facebook and Instagram as we all try to answer the question, Spirit (ME), Why are you occupying this body?

Join me next week as we explore this topic further. Next week we will take a closer look and distinguish the difference between The Ancestors (AmaThonga/Badimo) , The Spirits (Amadlozi/Moya wa Badimo) and The Creator/God (Nkulunkulu/Modimo).

YouTube Channel coming next week...

I am Noma and this is, Learning with Noma.







Thank you for joining the class....... 🙌🙌

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