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Authenticity above Everything, again

"When you are NOT true to self, you can never influence the way you are meant to."

Thokozani Royals!

It’s Gogo_Noma here! I wanted to take a moment to reconnect with all of you and share a little bit about my journey with you. It has been quite the ride, but I'm finally back and ready to embrace my true self.

When I started writing all those years ago, my only goal was to stay true to myself. But somewhere along the way, I got caught up in comparing myself to others and trying to follow what everyone else said I should do. I started doubting my abilities and stopped doing what I loved. It was a difficult period for me, but I've learned a valuable lesson from it.

I've come to realize that when we aren't true to ourselves, we can never truly make the impact we are meant to in this world. That's why I'm here today, saying hello as Gogo_Noma, a forever Badimo Child, a growing Spiritualist, and an educator at heart. But above all, I am just a girl next door, trying to find her place in this world.

You see, we all have our unique talents and gifts, and some may even call it our calling. Growing up, I was taught about assignment and purpose. And so, I embarked on a journey to discover my assignment and fulfill my purpose. This journey led me to ask myself important questions like, what is my assignment? Who will help me complete it? Where can I find the answers? And most importantly, who will join me on this journey?

But more than anything, there is one question that has become the compass of my daily life. Every morning, I wake up and ask myself, how can I fulfill my purpose today? Because as Benjamin Franklin famously said, "By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail."

For me, purpose is the reason for my existence in this lifetime. It's about being a healer in everything I do, whether it's as a Gogo, a Nurse, a friend, or a writer - which I promise to unpack one day. And how did I find my assignment, you ask? I simply listened. I allowed myself to be still and see what was already in front of me. Sometimes, we spend so much time searching for things that we miss what's right in front of us.

And so, every day, I strive to fulfill my purpose. Some days are better than others, and that's okay. What matters is that I wake up each morning, knowing that I still have relevance in this world. And even if yesterday was a setback, it was never the end of me. Our true purpose in this realm will become clear when we connect with our authentic selves in Spirit.

So, my fellow Badimo Child, let's be gentle with ourselves. Let's do what resonates with us today, without judgement. Let's embrace the journey and be authentic to ourselves. Listen to your intuition, as it will guide you towards your assignment and purpose.

As for me, my assignment is to heal. My purpose today was to record my journey and touch your life, as well as the lives of your future generations who will read this recording 100 years from now.

Welcome to my blog page, where we are going to learn and grow together. Every Tuesday, I'll be sharing more about who I am, where I've been, how I got through it all, why I'm here, and what keeps me grounded. So stay tuned!

But before I go, I want to leave you with a question. Who is Noma? Next week, I'll be posting the first part of my biography, so make sure to keep an eye out for it! 📚✍

Tuesdays are about self-care. And on this particular one, I choose Authenticity! Yes, being true to self is a form of self-care. Until next week, own your crown..... you are Royalty 👑👌

This is Learning with Noma: Your Home of Comprehensive Learning and Healing

I am Gogo_Noma

Lesedi 🕯️🕯️🕯️

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🌟 For me, authenticity means embracing my true self and staying genuine in all aspects of life 🌈 It means being unapologetically unique, embracing my flaws, and owning my insecurities. Authenticity empowers me to live a life that is true to who I am, rather than seeking validation from others. It means embracing vulnerability and being honest about my feelings and experiences 💪

Oct 13, 2023
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🥰🌟🌟🥰😇 beautiful

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