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The Full Moon Ritual

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

"The Full Moon is a reminder to self that I begin each journey an empty vessel, not because I have nothing, but because I always release what is no longer needed and I let go of what no longer serves my purpose. In order to receive the relevant I need to let go of the old." by Gogo Noma

The Moon, also known as the Luna, is an astrological object and the only natural satellite of Earth. The Earth goes around the Sun, and the Moon orbits around the Earth. This process is known scientifically as the synchronous rotation. It takes the moon approximately 29 days for the moon to complete the rotation around its own axis. This is referred to as a The Lunation cycle or a Lunar month.

During a Full Moon everyone knows that the ocean tides are affected, and most people even express that they feel the tides inside of themselves, this is not surprising because human beings are 75 percent water.

The Full moon has a powerful effect on emotions. During this phase of the moon people complain of insomnia, anxiety, restlessness or agitation. We all have both sides in our bodies, the dark and the light side, the positive and the negative side; the Full moon just takes your strongest qualities and enhances them.

It is in this time where one must take the advantage of the Moon energy to release what no longer works for them, or what no longer serves your purpose. During the Full Moon we perform Release Rituals.

Here is what you will need for the Ritual:

1. A pen (NO PENCIL) - to write with

2. Piece/s of paper/s - to write on

3. A white candle – to light

4. Match box or Lighter – To light the candle and burn the paper

5. Ash tray big enough to burn the paper, e.g a pot, a mental bin, a ceramic or enamel dish (NO PLASTIC)


· Impepho or Incense to cleanse your space

· Crystal stones to create a sacred space

· Holy water to purify your space

The Ritual

Step 1 (optional)

You have everything that you need and you have cleansed and purified your space. Meditate for 3-5 minutes to help channel your to the intention of the ritual you are about to perform.

Step 2

Light the candle.

Step 3

Take the pen and paper and start writing your release letter. I personally, like too address my letter to The Moon helps know that my letter is directed to a certain energy force. So I start by writing, for example, To the Full Moon of Gemini on 10 April 2019 (You can find this info on Google).

Each sentence must start as follows, I release……, for example;

Dear Full moon of Gemini on 10 April 2019

I release anxiety.

I release fear.

I release negativity.

I release financial struggle.

I release procrastination.

I release John.

I release……

I release……

You have to be as specific as you possible can; that is name a person if they are no longer serving a purpose in your life. Feelings and habits that are just holding you back. Write it all down and release it.

Step 4

At the end of your release letter to seal it all up, I have adopted a clause from Melanie Santos, it reads;

I demand that all bodies, programs, implants, thoughts, frequencies, vibrations, and patterns that are enabling, and anchoring the energy I’m trying to release, to leave me and my energy, through all space, time, and dimension, on every layer of my existence.


I declare all these things to be so, and in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good.

So it is.

Then I pick my letter up and read it out loud. For this reason I usually stick to one page, but there is no limit, you can write as many pages as you need. They will probably get less as you do the ritual monthly.

Step 5

After reading the letter out loud, it is time to burn it.

I usually use one of my pots to burn the paper in, it feels safer. You have to burn the paper until there is no sign of paper in you ash tray. It sometimes happens that the paper does not burn completely first time, you pick it us see what didn’t burn but continue to torch it until it is all ashes.

Scientific reasons why your paper might not be burning may include wind blowing from the window or the type of paper you are using.

Spiritually it might be that you are not ready to let go, or you did not invest enough energy in the exercise. That is why it is important to note what did not burn; so that in the next Full moon ritual you repeat writing those things down if they are still bothering you.

Step 6

Now that your paper is ashes it is time to discard of the ashes. You can either flush them down the toilet or throw them into the bin, depending how determined you are to release all these things and what makes you feel that you have released them far away from you.

Then you can either meditate to give gratitude to the moon for receiving your letter and feeling you with new energies, or end the ritual after you have thrown away the ashes.

You only do one release ritual for one Full Moon. You can still perform the ritual up to three days if you missed the Full Moon, that is, if the Full moon was on Monday you still have until Wednesday midnight to do the ritual.

Then you will have two weeks to feel and even see the negative energies, things and people slowly leaving your space. Like I said, it might not happen instantly but slowly results will start showing. Someone who was everyday, all day in your space you might start seeing twice or once a week, which is progress. A feeling of anxiety that attacked you every morning might happen once in a week. So allow yourself time and acknowledge each milestone.

After the two weeks you will prepare for the New Moon Ritual. This is a Manifestation Ritual. For this one we are going to need a new journal or notebook. So buy yourself a brand new journal or notebook so long, and come back soon to learn about the New Moon ritual.

Letting go means you are creating space to receive new things; hence you cannot do the one ritual and skip the other.

As soon as the content regarding the New Moon Manifestation Ritual is uploaded, I will notify you on all social media platforms. So follow me on my Facebook page and Instagram, be in the class everyday and never miss out. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel and learn more about Spirituality and Health.

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you and learn from your experiences.

You can communicate with me via email for topic suggestions and consultation bookings, both for the physical and telephonic consultations.

NB: I do not attend to Facebook messenger, so please use email to communicate.

My name is Noma, and this is Learning with Noma.

Thank you for joining the class, until next time…..

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