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The Heartbeat 💓

Thokozani Royals 👸🏽🫅🏽👑

The point of no return…The Heartbeat

Welcome to Motherhood Mondays. Soon, I will have a handle on it all 😇, and all will go according to plan. For now, the important thing is sharing when I can.

The Heartbeat:

For me, it happened at 6 weeks. Right after that positive pregnancy test, a rush of emotions flooded over me. But it wasn't exactly excitement that consumed me, it was more of a feeling of unpreparedness. Yep, that's me, always the anxious one!

In that very moment, something shifted within me. I found myself transcending to a whole new level of awareness. My worries seemed to fade away, and a newfound sense of readiness blossomed within my soul.

Gender became irrelevant. All I cared about was having a healthy baby, with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. I asked for their eyes to see, their ears to hear, and a little nose that resembled his father's. And oh, those lips, I hoped they would inherit mine so I could shower them with kisses every day.

But as the heartbeat echoed in my ears, I realized I was forever changed. Selfishness dissipated as I embraced the realisation that I was now a mother, a creator, a goddess. This tiny being inside of me would become my purpose, the centre of my existence, my everything.

I was now someone's "background". What kind of background am I going to be. Yes, we point at our parents 👈🏼, now the finger is going to point 👉🏼 at me 😱

But this realisation also brought with it a sense of responsibility😇. I couldn't just coast through life anymore; I had to step up and do better🫡. No matter how tired or overwhelmed I may feel, I have to keep pushing for the sake of my child.

Motherhood, I soon learned, was more than just a physical change. It was a spiritual journey that demanded sacrifice and growth. But this is a topic for another day.

So, to all the mothers out there feeling the weight of this incredible responsibility, remember that you are doing a great job. Whether you've reached your point of no return or yet to cross that threshold, know that your love and sacrifice make all the difference. And one day, soon, I hope you'll understand that you are part of something profound, something magical.

You are destined to educate and heal, for you possess a love and strength that is beyond measure. You not just raising your child, you are helping prepare someone's friend, brother/sister, yes, husband/wife.

This is the heartbeat of motherhood. This is the heartbeat of life.

Share your story in the comments. I can't wait to hear from you 🥰


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